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Laboratory Equipment

2014-06-16 15.35.26

Trace GC Ultra (right) TC/EA (left)

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Elemental Analyzer


2014-06-16 15.32.05

Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer


In our geology lab, we are set up to measure stable isotope in many different ways. The determination of stable elemental isotopic compositions of organic compounds is a strong tool for the study of various paleo-geological studies and biogeochemical processes in the environment. In our lab we have a dedicated online IRMS system available. Our newly built IRMS system (Delta V Plus) equipped with the GC Isolink interface (GC-IRMS), an elemental analyzer (EA-IRMS) and a TC/EA IRMA . With the GC-IRMS system, we are able to measure both C and H isotopes, which are transformed after GC separation either via oxidation or high temperature pyrolysis  to carbon dioxide or hydrogen gas respectively. This system can switch to the EA-IRMS allowing for the measurement of C and N bulk isotope compositions. This system can then be switched to the Finnigan TC/EA for the direct analysis of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in organic and inorganic samples. These instruments are highly sensitive and accurate tools.

Our chemistry lab contains mostly preparatory equipment. We preform most of our drying, separations, and sample cleanup in chemistry. There we have a Trace GC Ultra with an FID detector to determine sample concentrations and readiness for the isotope lab.