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Welcome to the Hren research group webpage! Started in 2012, our group's research focus is on isotope geochemistry. Our group is unique in that we work in both the world of chemistry and geosciences, with group members from both departments.

Researchers in the Hren lab work with organic biomarkers and stable isotopes of organic and inorganic materials to understand carbon cycling, atmospheric CO2 and past climate, and as a tracer of carbon in the modern environment.

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Address: Beach Hall
354 Mansfield Road
Storrs CT 06269
Rooms: 112, 232

Chemistry Building
55 N. Eagleville Rd
Storrs CT 06269
Lab: R-416
More: http://twitter.com/Hren_Lab


  • New paper in Nature Scientific Reports
    New paper out this week in Scientific Reports including work from current Hren Lab postdoc Yvette Eley on molecular and isotopic evidence for millet processing in pottery vessels Carl Heron, Shinya Shoda, Adrià Breu Barcons, Janusz Czebreszuk, Yvette Eley, Marise Gorton, Wiebke Kirleis, Jutta Kneisel, Alexandre Lucquin, Johannes Müller, Yastami Nishida, Joon-ho Son & Oliver […]
    Posted on December 22, 2016
  • New paper on the cover of this month’s Nature Geoscience
    This month’s Nature Geoscience features a new article from Michael Hren on carbon cycle and climate feedbacks in the Paleozoic.  You can read the full text here. Montañez, I. P., McElwain, J. C., Poulsen, C. J., White, J. D., DiMichele, W. A., Wilson, J. P., Griggs, G., & Hren, M. T. (2016). Climate, pCO2 and terrestrial […]
    Posted on November 3, 2016